Saturday, July 13, 2013

Difference Between Kbps and KBps:

Guys Here is something important you need to know:
1Kbps is not 1KBps, there is a small difference of b which makes a huge difference in MBps and Mbps.
''Mbps=Mega bits per second'' and
''MBps=Mega Bytes per second''
None the less many people do confuse in these terms and do get happy when they hear that their internet speed is 1Mbps but actually its 128KBps and complain afterwards That my speed is 1Mbps but still it doesn't download a 4MB file in 4 secs. :p
Kbps means Kilo'bits' per second not Kilo'bytes' per second.
Since Bytes is a huge amount in relation to networking so most network operators give the data transfer in Kilo'bits' not Kilo'bytes' while all the computer files exists in bytes.
To convert bits to bytes divide that data by 8 (since 1byte = 8bits). So next time when you buy a modem or get a connection do check the 'b' and find out its real speed.