Sunday, April 13, 2014

How To Make Free Calls From PC Online

Hello Everyone, today I'm going to tell you i.e "How To Make Free Calls From PC Online". You are surprising that how it is possible? But, yes it is possible to make free call from pc to any mobile number. A free phone call can be made from your computer directly within your browser, as for this purpose there are a lot of online VoIP ( Voice over internet protocol ) services available on the World Wide Web which allow you to make free internet phone calls. So, there are a lots of websites are available on the internet to make VoIP. But I'm going to tell you about the Top Best VoIP Websites.

How To Make Free Calls From PC Online :

1. Google Voice

Every service provided by google is just awesome. Google Voice is also the service provided by Google to make free callls from PVCHow To Make Free Calls From PC to mobile or from mobile to  PC. But the limitation of Google voice is that you can make free calls for only US and Canada only. Soon it will arrive to other countries. You can also make call to other countries but you will be charged as per google voice call rate check it.

2. Yahoo Messenger

The another awy to do VoIP call is the Yahoo! messenger. The advantage of using yahoo messenger is that you can call all around the world. So, to do so you need to follow simple steps :

How To Make Free Call From Yahoo Messenger :

Step 1: Download and install Yahoo messenger.

Step 2: Log In with your Yahoo ID. If you don't have just create it.

Step 3: Now you have to click on Yahoo Call and then select Call a Phone number from my PC.

Step 4: Just Dial 18003733411 It is a toll free number and wait till your call is get connected.

Step 5:  Now in order to make free call you have to just follow the instructions and select the free call option end by saying free call through your microphone. Don't forgot to unmute your microphone.

Step 6: Now just wait unit you here Dail you Number. After this just dial the number with country code to make free call.

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3. Site2Sms

Well it one is awesome site I'm also using it. Site2Sms provides free calls for only India and every call limit is 2 mins after that it disconnects automatically and you can make 15 calls with 2 minutes each which means that it gives daily around 60 min of free calling. Just follow the following steps to make free call from Site2Sms :

How To Make Free Call From Site2Sms :

Step 1: Go to Site2Sms and register your account.

Step 2: After registering Now visit to this link for free call and click on Dial Number.

Step 3: A new page will opens as following where you have to just dial the number whom you want to call and click on Call button.

Step 4:  After this just click on Yes Connect My Call.

Step 5: The confirmation message will be displayed as shown in the below image. Site2Sms will connect your call and then give a ring to your mobile number. Now Enjoy !!

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4. iCall

iCall is the another best VoIP calling application leading behind Skype. Just like Google Voice it also has same limitation i.e you can do free calls only in U.S and Canada.

It gives you free calling for 5 minutes after that your call will disconnects. The advantage of using iCall is that it also has apps for WindowsMacLinuxiPhoneAndroid.

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5. VoipBuster

Last but not least, VoipBuster is the another way to do VoIP calls freely.

But as you always free services have some restrictions so it allows call to some countries and daily limit of 60 minutes.

So, this all about best free VoIP. I hope this helped you a lot. If you are facing any problem just comment it below. Feel free to share Thanks !!