Friday, April 11, 2014

How to Remove Write Protection In Pendrive/Sd Card

Hello Everyone, today i'm back with another most wanted trick/method How to remove write protection on pendrive/memory card ?

First of all what is write protection? 
In write protected pendrive/memory card one cannot even delete or tranfer data  that is quite annoying. While the uses of write protection is a good thing because it prevent files from being tampered with and the manufacturer can make sure all users are getting the same files, but it’s also very inconvenient. To remove this protection,you will need to format the drive and this formatting is not just by clicking on format button it needs a special kind of format so you can enjoy the freedom of your pendrive/memory card. Now i am going to explain the best method step by step, Lets start now :-

How to Remove Write Protection In Pendrive or Sd Card:

METHOD 1 :- Using Command Prompt

Step 1: First of all plug in you write protected pendrive in your pc/laptop. Wait until the windows detect your pendrive or memory card. Now back up your data because your going to format it.

Step 2: Now as we are using command prompt in this method so after connecting you pendrive/memory card open the cmd. To open cmd you can do this by simply going to “Start”, then just search for “Command Prompt”, or you can simply just type  “cmd” in “Run” and command prompt should pop up.

Step 3: Now in the command prompt, type in the drive letter of your pen drive with a colon at the end, like this: “ H: ” but without the quotation marks.

Step 4: After entering the previous command in cmd, type “format” without the quotation marks.  Here’s how to do it: “format H:” and then press “Enter.”

Step 5: Now after completing the format proceed to closing command prompt.
That's it you are done ! Enjoy !

METHOD 2:- Using Administrative Tools

As i mentioned above that when your pendrive/memory card is write protected you can’t simply format it. So, you can formatis using administrative tools. Lets start this method step by steps:-

Step 1: First of all open the control panel then click on the administrative tools then click onDefragment and Optimise Drives a window will be opens on the screen.

Step 2: Now there list of all the drives and other removable devices connected to the pc/laptop.

Step 3: Select your write protected drive carefully and then click on format then on ok.

Step 4: Now your pendrive/memory card will be formatted and it will remove the write protection from your pendrive/memory card. Now your Done !

My Advice:

As there are many methods to remove the write protection in your pendrive/memory card but i am giving you the best methods only, there are many useful softwares avialable in market but some of them are spam. So, my suggestion is to go for first method because its simple and does not take much time.