Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Dell BIOS Password Recovery

A. If the last 4 letters of the Service Tag of your Dell laptop is 595B/D35B/2A7B/A95B

1. Visit Dogbert's blog and follow the instructions.
2. You can also use this web service (based on Dogbert's findings) by Вячеслав Бачериков.
3. If the above doesn't work, then you should follow Section C.

B. If the last 4 letters of the Service Tag of your Dell laptop isn't 595B/D35B/2A7B/A95B (like 1F5A/3A7B/3A5B/1D3B etc.)

1. You may try to do a forceful BIOS recovery. Read and search the forums for instructions. Some useful links are below.
2. You may downgrade to a previous edition of the BIOS whose last 4 letters of the Service Tag is 595B/D35B/2A7B/A95B. Then follow Section A.

C. Regardless of the last 4 letters of the Service Tag

You may get your (forgotten) HDD password as well by the above procedures. If you want to erase the HDD without knowing the actual password, you may try MHDD.

For decompressing newer Dell UEFIs, see here.
For Dell AMI Aptio recovery, see here.
For Dell HDR method recovery, see here.

MDL Forum, specially LatinMcG & tqhoang.

PS: dont forget the remove HDD when doing forced bios recovery is likely good idea to not lock HDD.

dont forget to hold CTRL while pressing Enter 

all looks good.. tqhoang has a recovery hdr method in his sig.

also if u search for schematics D630 for example u see name is BRISBANE .. so in HDR file find 3 letters of it for filename. ... find HDR in the HDR with hexeditor.

keyboard difference will make a TOTAL DIFFERENCE!!
QWERTY on top and AZERTY on bottom in picture


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